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Could the Dance Music Party Craze be over for Texas?

By Markus Combs

HoustonGayWeb (Dallas, TX)- Lately there has been a war with radio stations all wanting to be so mainstream they would do anything to go hip hop or "urban" as they call it in radio. It all started in Orlando with the Party Station 93.5 which the daddy of them all Clear Channel bought it out and turned it into hip hop/rap. It was one of the best stations in the country in my opinion and was the first channel that I heard Daniel Beddingfield. We almost started a growing trend of dance stations popping up all over the country only to be kicked down and turned into hip hop stations.

A similar thing happened in Austin when Clear Channel bought a dance music station and turned it into more hardcore hip hop beats. A few years ago Dallas was lucky enough to get into the party station mix with 106.7 FM KDL. One of the most popular DJ's even left his shift at the more popular 106.1 KYIS-FM. This DJ who is widely known as Domino was a great asset to the station then they hired on The Fitz (F-i-t-to the z) another former KYIS Clear Channel employee.

This station is starting to show its true colors and is steadly forming into a hip hip station. I see a morning show popping up soon. How did 106.7 KDL start out? They started out advertising they would not play Britany Spears and absolutely NO Rap. Yeah Riiiiiight. We all really believe that. For one you cant promise not to play club music and not play Britany and then again you just cant seem to play any music these days without "selling out" and eventually switching to hip hop.

106.7 KDL which is known for two years now for being at gay events and playing the hottest dance music with plenty of Oaklawn advertisers may soon be rearing its head to "come out" as something like what happened in all the other cities where the dance music was ended by Clear Channel Radio.

Maybe in time someone will really bring in some long term dance music stations to the Texas area.

Want a good radio station in Dallas then tune into Air America KXEB 910 AM