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Air America in Texas?

Real Americans listen to Air America to stay up to date on politics and news. It is more fair and balanced than anything you will get on FOX News, CNN, or most of the AM radio owned by the hitler agenda. If you listen to radio in Texas you will find there is no where for gays to turn anymore. There are no good dance music stations and we are totally left behind on the FM Dial when it comes to political discussions or high energy music. There is a great station on the AM dial to turn to and listen to the smartest woman on the Air waves known as The Randi Rhodes Show on Air America.

Air America in Houston, TX is not live yet why is this? Lets get investors together - I would be one myself to get this going! This is the best thing to ever hit radio. You can listen in live from the link below. Make sure you bookmark this page to come back!

Air America in Dallas, TX is on KXEB 910 AM

Air America in Austin, TX is on KOKE 1600 AM

Best Talk Radio Shows - tune into Air America online via their website.


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