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Beware: DO NOT Donate or Contribute your money to just any "Charity" and Know what organizations to stay away from!

We know that gay people have money to give to organizations that is hard earned and while we have plenty of organizations to put our money into in our community we often look to help out others as well. There are many educational charities and programs to get involved with but there are many that you should stay away from. Some of these "faith-based" organizations are going against gays and arent really so "faith based" as we see it.

Making contributions to a group or tax exempt / non-profit organization? Check this list before giving up your hard earned money. These groups according to sources are the Anti-Gay Groups to be aware of in Texas and the rest of the country:

  • American Family Association
  • Christian Coalition
  • Colorado for Family Values
  • Concerned Women for America
  • Coral Ridge Ministries
  • Eagle Forum
  • Family Research Council
  • Focus on the Family
  • Free Congress Foundation
  • Illinois Family Institute
  • Indiana Family Institute
  • Mississippi Family Council
  • National Assoc. of Christian Educators
  • Citizens for Excellence in Education
  • Oklahoma Family Policy Council
  • Operation Rescue
  • The Center for Arizona Policy
  • The Promise Keepers
  • Traditional Values Coalition
  • Email us to add a group to the list at webmaster at