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Kiss and Fly -New 3 story dance club in Austin that is 21 and up.  They plan on having Studio 54 themed parties and drag show nights on Sundays with the Fly Girls.  The patio is huge and no need to worry about non-smoking laws because you could hang out on the patio all night long. Then you go inside and have three levels to hang out. Two dancefloors one downstairs in the basement and one with a balcony above with gogo dancers. Kiss and Fly started out as a gay club but may be trending more straight as time goes by with bulkier dancers and girls dancing instead of the hot twinks they once had. If it is too straight then run over to Oil Can Harry's or wait in line down the street at Rain on 4th.

Rainbow Cattle Co. (305 W 5th St.) TOP PICK IN AUSTIN. Meet hot gay cowboys waltzing or doing the Texas Two-Step at the Cattle Co. if you are 21 and up Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturday night. They also cater to the 18+ crowd with house music on Friday's and Wednesday's.

Oil Can Harry's 21 and up small club with a small dance floor, but a taste of the Austin hotties. UPDATE: 18+ up now on most nights.

Club Rain on 4th - TOP PICK - Features the best DJ in Austin. The dancefloor is lifted above the ground and lights up. This 21+ club is located next door to the closed down Boyz Cellar remains. Holiday weekends you may wait in line for hours to get in this club.

Charlie's of Austin - 512-474-6481 located at 1301 Lavaca near the Texas state capital. They are one of the only 18 & Up bars in Austin with college students from UT, ACC, St. Edwards, and Texas State University. The bar is 18 and up on Thursdays, Saturday & Sunday.

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CLOSED --Fabric - This club is 21+ and is normally open til' 3am. The socialites love this club and it has a small dance floor. Nothing to get too excited about. Fabric is located on 6th street away from the 4th street gay area. (This club is now closed)

CLOSED -- Boyz Cove formerly Boyz Cellar MTV Road Rules was there. You should be too.  21 to enter and drink. They have a special night for the lesbians too. Strip Contests on Mondays, ....almost every night. I think there is too much stripping going on at that club for a small town (same guys, big egos?) If your a lesbian then they have Gurlz Cellar nights on Tuesdays. Great place to find Twinks and yes many of those. (This clut is now closed)

Splash/Brat - (Memorial Day and Labor Day)- The ULTIMATE Circuit Party of the Universe!! Hotties from all over come to Lake Travis and party on boats and on the rocks of Hippie Hollow.  Then if that isnt hot enough, the hottest Dancers perform and bring a great show while shirtless sweaty hot bodies are dancing below fountains of lasers. Last year the Gay Pimp performed "Soccer Practice", we do not have word yet on this years performance. UPDATE: Promoter retired and the circuit party is no longer being held. The tradition of hippy hollow at Lake Travis a.k.a. Splash continues with thousands of boys in boats, tighty whities, nude, and beautiful people.

Update for the article below- Club O is now shut down and a new club is in its place. We do not yet have the details on this club.

Well its time for the club dish.. After Hyperia closed its doors last fall there has been a hot spot to replace that and almost any gay bar in Texas... Announcing Club "O". Do not ask me what that means - but I have heard it is from the creators of Club Oz in New Orleans. I was there the other night and they had Thea Austin the Diva of 2003 singing 'You're the Worst Thing for Me'. "O" yeah I did not mention that we only payed $5 to get in the club and got to see a concert. If it would have been Club One, Village Station, or South Beach it would have been like $15-$45 then a Concert. Hmmm maybe Texas Gay Bars will finally learn how to operate from this new club!!!