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Formerly Club One is Now Called Excuses restaurant

Upcoming Events 2009

Saturday November 21 - DJ Seth Cooper on the Splash Days' Tour.

Saturday November 14 - Full Access presents Kascade

If you are looking for what used to be Club One you will find it is no longer there but a restaurant owned by the final owners of Club One is open called Excuses.  They do have club parties a few times a year with circuit party DJ's.  This will normally be on big holiday weekends such as pride so make sure you join one of their mailing lists for the Purple Party or Boys For Toys.

City Of Dallas Says NO! Club One Officially Closed

Deep Ellum Clubs Close

Dallas nightlife had something unique a few years ago that made it very exciting.  It had an area called the Deep Ellum in between downtown and the state fair.  You used to could walk through Deep Ellum and see punks, gays, people traveling from other states to get tattoos and piercing, and hear rising bands in many live venues all in one area.  You could also hear electronic music at a place called Club One which was known for its bar located inside the bathroom.  It was more the Studio 54 in Dallas but then again the entire strip of Deep Ellum was like the Studio 54 with so much diversity and culture.

All of this fun has been coming to an end like a train wreck in recent years because of construction including the loss of the historic graffiti bridge, a new Mayor, and more police somehow resulting in more crime.  I guess the police were too busy arresting those with a few drinks supporting the businesses instead of the thugs mugging people.  You will also notice people just got tired of driving to the area because of the ongoing construction.

The nail was put in the coffin this week by the Dallas City Council when they closed down Club One and Club Uropa by rejecting their permit applications.  I predict the entire district of Deep Ellum to disappear and turn dark for at least a few years.  Does the Dallas City Council think any other type of business could exist in that construction mess of an area?  Why not bull doze it all down and put in a big Mega-Church… maybe Joel Osteen from Houston will come preach every other Sunday (at least Dallas makes tax money on nightclubs).  I mean really what do they think in today’s lagging economy could possibly be in an area that is probably not worth much because it’s not an exciting area anymore.  The bars and clubs were the only thing saving it.  It amazes me how the Lizard Lounge and the Bathhouse called Club Dallas stay open.

The reason some say is that the Dallas City Council did not want these particular clubs there is because they both catered more to a black clientele.  I can tell you the brothers going inside the club aren’t the ones doing the muggings since they charge $10 or so to get in these places.

Sadly, Club One had been going out of business for years now even though they have thrown some of the hottest circuit parties back in the day and housed some of the hottest DJ’s including PAUL VAN DYK. 

There is already an uptown “Village” area and the economy is just not growing that big to put in more and more of these upscale areas.  A healthy city needs its clubs.  It is even starting to push the gays out of Oaklawn. The police have been raiding the streets of Cedar Springs on Sunday Nights (gay hip hop night) like an Iraq war zone.

Hate filled protestors stand outside of Cedar Springs in what they say is the Road to I-35 pilgrimage to take over 35 with their gospel of hate as if they are the only ones who existed.  Evangicals now claim to own I-35 as they are harassing people who walk buy on their way to bars or “sinful” businesses.

The bottom line is that I think the government should step in and help clubs out more.  Club owners get sued left and right and there is just no reason for it.  Crack house laws and so many laws fighting against clubs that are not doing anything bad but allowing people to come in and have a fun time by socializing and dancing.  It is not the clubs fault there are idiots or thugs out there.

Club One Annouces new Sunday night party

Starting March 4, 2007 there is a new party in Dallas to compete with now the biggest club night of the week. Club goers have been complaining of the fights and hip hop music for months now at Station 4 and are ready for a new exciting shift in the Dallas club scene to catch up with today’s music interests.  Hip hop has had its day.. not its time to be gay again on Sundays with DJ Mark Brack.  The cover is $10 and the doors open at 10pm with this night being 18 and up/21 to drink.  The legendary Club one known from the Party Monster days is also providing free limo service from the Caven owned strip in Oaklawn.

Club one is located in the Deep Ellum area of Downtown Dallas just a few blocks from the Baylor Medical Center near the Hall and Main intersection.  My sources tell me there will be hot go-go dancers and this will become a huge event in the coming months.  We will definitely be there with the crew to check this event out.

Club One is located at Main and Hall street at 3025 Main Street in the Deep Ellum nighclub district of Downtown Dallas, Texas. The phone number to Club One in Dallas is 214-741-1111.

Previous Club One:

One Gram Nights

By Brandon Fox, Houston Gay Web

Updated:  DJ Josh Gram is spinning at Club One now every other Friday Night.  This Friday night come and see for yourself why everyone is talking about "One Gram". Make your plans to join all your friends this Friday night at Club One.
Yes it's true the infamous Friday nights at Club One are back. Club One + DJ Josh Gram=One Gram.  Doors open at 10pm all TCB VIP'S get in for only 5.00 before 11PM.
One Gram night is cheaper then going to a movie and a hell of a lot more fun. Update: This night has been discontinued with more focus put on Sunday nights.

2006 Club One - 18+ and DJ Josh Gram on Fridays

Just as you thought the Dallas club scene had went away because of the closing or fallout of Liquid, Club One, Village Station and the Brick dont count this city out yet. Known as the club you could find celebrities such as DJ Superstar Keoki club one is really best known around the country for its hot boys, lighting, sound system, and yes its bathrooms. I will call them bathroom suites inside a club.

Located in Deep ellum Club One brings out the bi-curious crowd, straight girls and guys, gays, and circuit men. It is the mixed crowd that club one is known for in the past and they are going for now with its new dj booth located downstairs and cool light up boxes on the dance floor.

Club One was once known for its lounge in the bathroom called the "Lisa Lounge". This was just a fun addition to the craziness inside the warehouse like building in deep ellum. I attended a few parties there this year and the club was totally packed and lots of hot bodies from Houston, locals from Dallas and Austin.

Since Club one does not update its website we thought we would help you guys out and bring you the Upcoming Events at Club One ourselves:

Upcoming Events at Club One in Dallas (2006): (All ages 18+)

  • K/OS PRESENTS: FUTURA W/DJ Joe Gauthreaux JAN 1, 2007 - Club One New Years Eve Party
  • June 15, 2006: DJ Peter Rauhofer-NYC, $30 in advance
  • June 22, 2006: Doors open at 9pm. DJ Junior Vasquez-NYC, $30 in advance
  • September 16, 2006: Dallas Gay Pride event with DJ Manny Lehman

2005 Events

  • Deep Dish featuring Sharam, Saturday, February 19th
  • Easter T-Dance on Sunday, March 27th
  • Dallas White Party with DJ Joe Gauthreaux on Saturday, April 9th
  • Victor Dinaire, May 7th

Past Events since the rebirth of Club One in Dallas:

  • Paul Van Dyk, October 31 - Just in time for the fabulous Oaklawn block party
  • more information on the PVD event - pics of the event can be found on the DallasDanceMusic website
  • Chris Cox, November 6, 2004 - The Black Party (not to be confused with Block Party) presented by K/os promotions.
  • DJ Lydia Prim, Saturday, December 11, 2004 - Club One hosts Lydia's birthday party
  • DJ Michael Tank, January 15, 2005
  • Stay Tuned for more exciting events at Club One

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