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Dallas Gay Clubs

Tin Room -NEW! Great music and hot go-go strippers dancing. Located off Maple and Hudnall. The music is always good and the bartenders are even better. This small, unique hole in the wall brings you the joy of Studio 54 with the dancing boys on poles and music but is kind of hard to find over on Maple and Hudnall.

Lady Gaga Round Up Saloon Gay Dance ClubRoundup Saloon TOP PICK - top 40 and C&W gay dance club with a friendly dj that actually will play a song you request. Friendly hotties in an unexpected country bar. Our favorite club in Dallas which plays country music until around Midnight then switches to top 40 mixes.  The Roundup has the largest patio in Dallas to smoke your cigs now that all the clubs are smoke-free.

The Brick and Joe's - NEW! The Brick used to be a legendary location off of Maple and Throckmorton now that building has been town down and has an all new location on Maple and Wycliff near the Dallas North Tollway exit. This is a great place to hit up for Happy Hour or see the next big circuit dj come and play on Saturday nights. Friday is hip hop and Thursdays are normally a good night for the strip contest.

Club Wet - (coming soon) located on Maple where Illusions used to be. This will be a Piano Bar with male dancers from time to time.

S4 -formerly the Village Station now called Station Four. S4 is one of the largest gay clubs in the U.S. with a huge room they call the Rose Room hosting shows by Onyx, Edna Jean Robinson, Whitney Paige, Valerie Lords, Crystal Summers, and more. Sunday Nights are Hip Hop 18+ along with house music 18+ nights of Weds-Thurs. Friday-Sat are 21+ until 2am then they are 18+.  UPDATE: Friday nights now are 18 and up and you can get a password from their facebook group page to get in free on Fridays if you say the secret word.

TMC - also known as Throckmorton Mining Company is no longer located on Throckmorton but on the opposite end of the block. It is now located where the old Sue Ellen's used to be next door to Station 4 nightclub.  This is a dark club on the inside but fun dancefloor and big patio.  One of the best DJ's on Friday nights!

Oaklawn events include the Gay Pride Parade, Easter in the Park, Halloween Street party, and the recently canceled Razzle Dazzle.

JR's is a great spot to meet new people and drink beers and hang out. Check out for more info on JR's, Village Station, and TMC.

Woody's - formerly called Moby Dick's who also formerly owned the Brick bar has now changed to Woody's and they feature Karoake nights mostly. Located on the strip across from Havana.

Havana - formerly Lime bar, very nice long club features a restaurant during the day. Across the street from Zini's Pizza.

The Drama Room formerly Mickey's - Nice Upscale bar on the Strip. You will find Cher in there singing from time to time but it will be the impersonator of course. Small dancefloor and a pole by the dj booth which allows some of the hottest boys in town to swing around for your pleasure.

Alexandre's - Piano bar located closer to Kroger's and a gas station on Cedar Springs Road. A calming place to listen to sit back and enjoy life. If you have RewardsNetwork or Idine on your credit card to get extra A'Advantage or frequent flyer miles you can earn them from using your card at Alexandre's bar.  Located at 4026 Cedar Springs Road.

Dallas Eagle - 2215 Inwood Rd. at the intersection of Inwood and Maple. They feature a Bear T-Dance on Sundays at 5pm. Dark dancefloor and a shop for your sexual pleasures.

Kaliente - Dallas Best Latino Nightclub just remodeled featuring a Koko Chanel Show on mondays, Gaby's illusions travesty show on Weds, Talent Night Thursdays, and Hot Chica and Chico Contest every other Friday. 4350 Maple Ave /

Cherries - Male strip bar located on Maple Ave. with Latino nights on Thursdays and more of an gay black tone on weekends.

Things to Do in Dallas

Places to stay when Visiting Dallas include the Montrose hotel off Cedar Springs and Oaklawn and the Westin near the Galleria Mall. You may also just GRINDR your way and find someone living over at the ilume just down the street from the bars. The ilume offers the Dish restaurant and Sunday pool parties for A-list boys like ourselves. You may also try Hungdingers restaurant which is open until 2am nightly but closed on Monday and Tuesdays - they have a fun drag show on Fridays and Saturdays and Karoake the rest of the week.

Closed Dallas Clubs:

Crew's Inn recently closed down but is supposed to reopen as BJ's.  Zippers is still open just down the street for the hottest night called Trashy Tuesdays.

Rush Club - (located at 3903 Lemmon Ave.)The name is called Rush Club but it is actually a bar with no dancefloor unless you make one near the stage. Rush is known for underwear, model shows, and boxer contests and very small glasses but strong drinks. More like you are drinking a shot. Very hot bartenders and shot boys. It is located in a frat house looking building and has busy nights on Weds and during happy hours mostly. They also feature the legendary Whitney Paige to host their contests and perform her own drag shows which are always delightful.

Minc - (near Fairgrounds at 813 Exposition Ave) Minc is one of our favorites in Dallas because its atmosphere and one of Dallas' best bartenders Rob mixes your drinks. Music is spun by DJ Red Eye on Saturday nights. Minc offers a dance floor and is located off of Exposition next to one of the State Fair entrances. Website can be found at  Minc is no longer open.

TMC & Village Station - VILLAGE STATION will be opening soon but until then you will find TMC has the 18 and up every Weds (hottie night contest) win $100 on the box, and the Thurs (hip hop) which is also the only gay 18 to enter club in Dallas. TMC (Throckmorton Mining Company is located on Throckmorton and Cedar Springs next door to Panda's and JR's Bar and Grill).  TMC is temporarily closed down while Caven brings OUT the new Sue Ellen's which is supposed to open April 2008.

Club Blue - Straight/Bi club in Dallas but very nice Miami South Beach feel. Nothing to miss a hot Saturday night at S4. This club is not as gay friendly as we once thought it was supposed to be prior to opening. Club Blue located in downtown dallas has hosted DJ Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, and more.

Club One (read the history) - NOW CLOSED. What used to be a Studio 54 club with atmosphere and bi-curious boys watching drag queens sing one song at 2am. Studio 54 & the Limelight days of Dallas died out and Club One is not the same energetic club it once was (the abercrombie boys got scared off). But maybe it will come back in some new form someday! On specific dates you can catch Kaos sponsored parties with guest dj's Manny Leeham, Chris Cox, Barry Harris, and other famous circuit acts spinning. Club One also owns Club Seven on Sundays but its nothing to get excited about - the crowd is normally not packed unless its a holiday weekend. The latest news on Club One in dallas is that is now only open for K/os Circuit events once a month featuring the White Party Dallas and more to come. Club One is no longer a nightclub but a venue for these events.

Club Seven (next door to the Midtown Spa) - now remodeled is where you can have fun on Sunday nights and party with the circuit men. This club is more straight on other nights but offers DJ Red Eye of Minc on Friday nights.

You will also find many of the other deep ellum clubs have been closed down in Dallas.

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