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Elton John Greatest Hits

The Rocketman himself is back once again with a exciting new greatest hits type of DVD collection. Travel First Class on your Dream Ticket with Elton John and take a non-stop trip to New York, London, Turkey and into the radiant history of Elton John with Dream Ticket. This four-disc, Best Buy exclusive DVD collection provides travelers with over 70 songs from Elton John's expansive career.

The DVD collection with Elton John includes one at Madison Square Garden in concert in New York. DVD number two features Elton John in concert in London at the Royal Opera House. Three shows a magical performance in Ephesus, Turkey with the Fourth DVD showing Elton John's greatest hits and moments across four decades.

For those of you that cannot get enough of Rocketman and the greatest hits ever performed by Sir Elton John then you will love this collection on Dream Ticket. You have to see it on DVD and not just hear it. Candle In The Wind and Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me are just a few of the greatest hits you will hear.

This Dream Ticket collection on DVD makes a perfect Christmas gift and is ready for pre-order from our great friends at Best Buy.

Pre-order Elton John's Dream Ticket at Best Buy today!

Elton John Greatest Hits PreOrder 

Elton John in the News

Recently Elton John was in the news commenting at an awards show against Madonna saying that she lip synched her concerts in the US and Europe. Could this be a publicity stunt to help sell his newest release or could it be truth? Madonna probably did lip sync parts of her concert because there would be no way she could perform and sing live at the same time doing some of the dances and running around the stage like she did. I think the Madonna camp should have responded better to the accusations and showed how great the entertainer really is. Then again Sir Elton could be looking out for the fans that paid enormous amounts for her concerts. Either way I am sure the newly wedded Spears and other entertainment acts that are not known for their voices normally lip sync as well.

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