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F Bar Houston

The F Bar is a new bar that may be the classiest bar on the Montrose strip that has a dancefloor.It seems to have a big night on Friday nights with DJ Joe Ross and the dancefloor is packed. The patio is well furnished and has a nice atmosphere. The dancefloor area kind of reminds me of one area of South Beach maybe cut in a fourth then you have a stage for their shows including Raja from RuPauls Drag race is scheduled to peform. The sound system seemed incredible and really made you feel the music as soon as you walk in. You will also notice a cash only express bar which was nice for when you do not want to wait as long. The Bathrooms featured a Guys and Dolls and a Dolls and Guys room which seems a little friendlier than South Beach posting a warning sign on their door that says "Women Only"..rude it's a gay club were all one. It's unity babe. F Bar is at 202 Tuam Street and open until 2am but is 21 and up.

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