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Place for a Date (or Evening with a few close Friends)  
Suggestions only
Actually any restaurant in the Montrose is prime for a date or an evening with a few friends..... Here's some sample date suggestions.  

Barnaby's on Fairview - follow this with a trip to your favorite billiards parlor (We don't do pool halls!!!), or go ice skating at the Galleria.  

Baba Yega's on Grant - followed by a quick bar round in the Pacific Street bar district, and off to a movie at the mainstream cinema's (We have to associate with the straight folks some time.  Anyway, after a full gay-people-watching-round at the bars, the hetero-ness in the burb's is less likely to rub off on you).  

Star Pizza II on Waugh - follow this with a rental movie at home (your place or theirs) snuggling on the couch.   

Mo Mongs on Westheimer - followed by a movie or an event in the Theatre District.   

Mai's on Milam - Vietnamese/Chinese with broad mix of people.  Feel free to look like you're on a date. The straight folks don't mind. From here, go dancing at your favorite dance club.