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my lover and I are thinking of moving to Houston, we have lived in New York, Greenwich village and Ft.Lauderdale, Victoria park, now we are thinking of
moving to Houston, but need to know the area that is the gay section, so we can live among our brothers, and sisters.

thank you for your time.

Did you know? The Clear Lake area of Houston is home to the third largest fleet of pleasure boats in the nation, surpassed only by Los Angeles and the Chesapeake Bay area.


The interesting thing about Houston is that there are several areas that have higher concentration of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and ff's (friendly folks). 

The traditional is called Montrose.  Its generally bounded by Shepherd on the west, HWY 59 on the south, Main Street on the east, and Allen Parkway on the North.  It is being developed with upper end townhouses currently but traditional old homes are still available.

The Heights is a nostalgic area that prides itself on maintaining the old heritage.  It is north of I10 and south of 610 between 11th Street on the west and I45 on the east.  While there are GLBT owned and operated businesses in the area its more of a hometown atmosphere.

Garden Oaks, while traditionally more concentration of lesbians, it is becoming a great place for gay couples being pushed out of Montrose by the new development activity.  The yards are typically larger than the average Houston yard and the prices are lower than Montrose or the Heights.  It is a split area with section 1 bound by Yale on the east, 610 on the south, Shepherd on the west and 34th Street on the north.  Section 2 is bound by Shepherd on the east, 38th on the south,  Ella on the west and 43rd Street on the north.

If you are a shopping queen don't hesitate to check out the Galleria area which is generally west of 610 to Hillcroft and south of I10 to Hwy59 (future I69).

Another interesting aspect of living gay in Houston is that most any neighborhood has GLBT residences; usually people living closer to work.  Houston is quite spread out. Although it is Texas and there is an impression that Texans are more vocal and conservative than in most states the GLBT population really doesn't stand by and take crap either so people can live most anywhere and be comfortable.  Reason must prevail and you must check each area and the neighbors yourself to feel safe and secure with your new residence.  Hope to see ya'll here.  If you move here join our email list on to stay abreast of community happenings.

Our favorite restaurant in the Montrose Area.