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    Westheimer Colony Assoc

      Produces art events including the Westheimer Art Festival to support art and HIV non-profit organizations in the Houston area, Mailing Address: 2700 Albany St 203, Houston TX 77006-1504, FYI 713-521-0133 FAX 713-521-0133

    Check out the current featured artist..

    Health/HIV (con't)

    Bering Dental Clinic

      Provides quality dental care for over 2,500 persons with HIV/AIDS annually from across South Texas. Because of the depressed immune system, tooth infections, ulcers, lesions, and other oral manifestations of HIV requires specialized care and treatment. Bering Dental Clinic offers emergency, restorative, and preventative care, Chemo and surgical therapy of oral Kaposis'. Mailing Address: PO Box 540517, Houston TX 77254-0517, FYI 713-524-7933

    Bering Emergency Financial Assistance

      Prevents homelessness for women, men and children by providing financial counseling and funding for rent, mortgage, and utility payments, Dues: none, Meeting Location: Bering Memorial UMC, 1440 Harold, Mailing Address: PO Box 540517, Houston TX 77254-0517, FYI 713-520-7070 FAX 713-529-3626

    Bering Support Network

      Includes weekly support groups, individuals and group counseling, and offers assistance to people with HIV/AIDS, friends, and caregivers regardless of beliefs or religious affiliations, Dues: none, Meeting Location: Bering Memorial UMC, 1440 Harold, Mailing Address: PO Box 540517, Houston TX 77254-0517, FYI 713-526-1017 FAX 713-529-3626

    Body Positive

      We offer services to HIV community through peer counseling, positive friends program, Woman's HIV Coalition, monthly newsletter "Positively", Mailing Address: 1475 W Gray 176, Houston TX 77019-4926, FYI 713-524-2374

    Colt 45s AIDS Trouble Fund

      Assists persons with AIDS by providing financial support for persons with immediate financial needs; support includes rent, utilities and eyeglasses for persons with AIDS. Funds financial assistance through fund raisers, donations, and money jars, Mailing Address: PO Box 66804, Houston TX 77266-6804, FYI 713-526-6077

    Foundation for Interfaith Research and Ministry (FIRM)

      A non-profit organization which provides non-judgmental, caring and supportive services to people with HIV/AIDS, their families, friends, and health care providers. Congregational-based teams of volunteers (Care Teams) are trained by FIRM staff to meet many of the spiritual, social, physical, and emotional needs of people. Care Team volunteers view themselves as friends and extended family who can be counted on to help people in their homes. Mailing Address: 701 N Post Oak Rd Suite 330, Houston TX 77024-3883, FYI 713-682-5995 FAX 713-682-0639

    Fundacion Latino Americana Contra El Sida

      A non-profit organization that was established to solicit the cooperation of volunteers from the community for the purpose of soliciting funds for the benefit of those who are suffering from HIV Virus and AIDS. Mailing Address: PO Box 773305, Houston TX 77215, FYI 713-995-6862 FAX 713-784-4890

    Harris County Health Dept

      Public health agency covering Health "Prevention" for people living within Harris County but outside Houston City Limits, 2223 West Loop South, Houston TX 77027, FYI 713-439-6000 FAX 713-439-6060

    Harris County Hospital Dist

      Mailing Address: PO Box 66769, Houston TX 77266-6769, FYI 713-746-6400 FAX 713-746-6401

    Harris County Medical Society

      1133 M D Anderson Blvd #400, Houston TX 77030-2809, FYI 713-790-1838

    Houston Area Red Ribbon Restaurant Project

      The HIV/AIDS Education and Services Department of the Greater Houston Area Chapter of the American Red Cross provides services and education to a large population of 17 Texas counties. Much of our educational efforts, as well as a significant portion of our service program, is aimed at out youth. The service portion of our department is our transportation program. Mailing Address: 11550 Chimney Rock Rd 303, Houston TX 77035-2940, FYI 713-729-7077 FAX 713-729-6878

    Houston Dept of Health and Human Services

      Provides case management, counseling, testing and partner notification, early intervention, STD and HIV health education and risk reduction, minority initiatives, public information, AIDS surveillance and HIV seroprevalence, 24 hour information available in English and Spanish, Mailing Address: 8000 North Stadium Drive, 5th Floor, Houston TX 77054, FYI 713-794-9092 FAX 713-798-0830

    Houston Regional HIV/AIDS Resource Group

      The Resource Group administers state and federal grant funds to provide direct client services to persons infected/affected by HIV Disease, Mailing Address: 811 Westheimer Suite 201, Houston TX 77006-3942, FYI 713-526-1016 FAX 713-526-2369



    Delta Lambda Phi

      A progressive social fraternity that has Chapters Nationwide, The Eta Chapter is based at the University of Houston, and does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. We engage in a variety of social activities and services projects each year, Dues: $15 per year and $15 per school month, Mailing Address: 4800 Calhoun Ca 219, Houston TX 77204-3526, FYI 713-524-7966

    Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Alliance at U of H, GLOBAL

      A social, political and support for the gay, lesbian and bisexual community and its allies at UH. We strive to educate and inform the UH community on gay and lesbian issues, Dues: $4 to vote, Meeting Time: Wednesday at 4:00 PM, Mailing Address: Campus Activities Box 314, University of Houston, Houston TX 77204-3650, FYI 713-743-5180, eMail

    Rice University Gay & Lesbian Alumni Association

      A group for gay & lesbian alumni of Rice University. We give annual scholarships to Rice students and publishes a directory of alumni. Bi-annual newsletter. Social events in the Houston area are held bimonthly. We host an annual homecoming dinner for all G&L Alumni in November, Meeting Time: bimonthly social gatherings, Mailing Address: PO Box 1892, Office of Alumni Relations, Houston TX 77251-1892, FYI 713-523-0170 FAX 713-523-0259


    AIDS Alliance of the Bay Area

      Case management, support groups, food pantry, funeral planning, counseling, transportation and volunteer activities, Mailing Address: 17511 El Camino Rey 159, Houston TX 77058-3049, FYI 713-488-4492 FAX 713-488-4544

    AIDS Resource for Greater Houston, City of Houston

      The Houston Department of Health and Human Services' HIV/STD prevention Program provides HIV education; Counseling, testing, referral and partner notification;case management; and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Surveillance and Seroprevlance data are collected for the Houston MSA and published quarterly, Mailing Address: 8000 North Stadium Drive, Houston TX 77054, FYI 713-794-9092 FAX 713-798-0825

    American Red Cross

      Provides services and education to a large population of 17 Texas counties. Much of our educational efforts, as well as a significant portion of our service program, is aimed at out youth. The service portion of our department is our transportation program. Aslo provides services to the following agencies; AIDS Foundation Houston, AAMA, AVES, Bering Care Center among others. The education portion of our department's duties are quite extensive. Mailing Address: 2700 Southwest Freeway, Houston TX 77098, FYI 713-526-8300

    Amigos Volunteers in Education and Services (AVES)

      AVES provides free bilingual (English, Spanish) education and services to the community. Our services include; support Groups (Gay and non-gay) psychotherapy, case management, outreach, information and referrals, Mailing Address: 4126 Southwest Fwy 1717, Houston TX 77027-7316, FYI 713-923-1439 FAX 713-626-2848

    Assistance Fund

      Pays health insurance premiums and provides one time medication assistance for those in transition from private insurance to Medicare, Mailing Address: 1116 Jackson, Houston TX 77006-1210, FYI 713-529-4788 FAX 713-520-7520

    Bering Care Center

      An adult day care center for persons who are living with HIV/AIDS it provides nursing care hot nutritious meals, physical therapy, educational programs, nutritional counseling, transportation, and the opportunity for healthy social interaction for persons who should not or cannot be left alone due to their health status. Mailing Address: 1440 Harold Street, PO Box 540517, Houston TX 77254-0517, FYI 713-520-7070 FAX 713-529-3626

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