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Getting Off (If you are younger than 18 years of age don't even go here!!!)  
DISCLAIMER:  We do not guarantee you will "get off".  Neither do we claim or imply that you will  NOT be arrested for activities that are illegal in the state of  Texas, or the City of  Houston.  While you might really have a great time, and achieve levels of ecstasy that you have never reached before, this is not guaranteed nor implied by having this section. We also do not claim that the places listed endorse any  illegal activities, or encourage such activities.  We simply will let your imagination take you into what ever fantasy necessary for you to "get off" and if these places aid in the development of such  fantasy, great.  Also, WE DO NOT ADVOCATE, ENCOURAGE, OR ENDORSE HAVING UNSAFE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE.  PLAY SAFE.   

Club Houston - a Private workout facility. Swimming, tanning, weights, *plus mooooorrre. 
Midtown Spa - another Private workout facility. Swimming, tanning, weights, *plus mooooorrre. 

* you know, gay stuff that Martha Stewart can't give advice on!!! 

The BOOKSTORES (these aren't exactly Barnes&Noble!!!) 
Diners News on Westheimer 
ADULT Cinema on I-10 
....actually there's just too many to list here and we do not want to appear too educated on this topic... But if you wish to submit your favorite place we'll be happy to give you full credit