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Sean Cody

One of the most requested gay amateur sites online today is a site called Sean Cody. If you like to see amateur guys most of them being joe average then you will find this site delightful. Most of these guys have never gotten off on a camera or been on a porn site before so thats whats makes this fun for the viewer to see how they react to people watching them get off for the first time.

If you have not been to Sean Cody online then what are you waiting for? Everyone else has that wants to see amateur boys do it for the first time. I do like how they show the models being interviewed before they jack off on cam but sometimes its a little too much for the camera man to always be talking - the last thing I wanna hear is some happy mans voice in the background when I am trying to focus on some hot boys going at it. One disadvantage to Sean Cody online is that you cannot view the video after you are not a paying member (even if you download it).

I recommend Sean Cody for the trial period at least then may more after that but dont forget to cancel your card before the recurring billing takes over. Also make sure you check out the Mardi Gras Boys Gone Wild type scenes.

Site with Free Sean Cody Preview