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Other things to do or a Low Key Evening Alone   
Walk Through the Theater District -  With the increased revival of Downtown, the area around the Wortham Theatre is a refreshing peaceful place to take a walk.  Although its not a place to "cruise" you might actually meet other people like yourself taking a break from the fast pace.  Its a good place to gather thoughts or even write that novel you've always planned.  

Bookstop on Alabama - While the old movie theater has long since closed, this bookstore retains the charm of the art deco architecture.  With the vast supply of books on any topic and its magazine rack that runs the full length of the old stage area, the people give this place its draw.   

Lobo on Montrose, and Crossroads Market on Westheimer - Need a good book?  Stop by these Lesbian and Gay bookstores for literature thats definately homosexualy detailed. Maybe you just need a card or gift? They can help with this also. 

Music Bar at BlockBuster Music on Shepherd -  So you like to listen to CD's.  Don't buy without a try.  While there, spend an evening people watching and hear great music at the same time.  

Movie at the River Oaks Theater, Greenway Plaza, or the new Angelika Film Center Downtown -  These cinema's are more likely to show Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans oriented or friendly films.  If no gay film is being shown, the other art films are still more to "our" liking than the films shown in the burbs'.  

Coffee and a good book at Starbucks on Montrose -  Bring in your favorite book or study material.  You won't be disrupted too much.  Its a good place to escape the routine at home. And, the coffee ain't bad either.  

A walk through the Antique stores on Westheimer - While these are generally more day time oriented we listed them here because its a great concentration of several stores and a pleasant outdoor walk down Westheimer checking them out.