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Why all the Bitterness and fighting within the gay community?

I really think there is nothing worse than the gay fighting we have inside our own community. You cannot go out to the club without people looking at you bitchy and/or talking bad about you. Some say its gay clubs, some say its gay events, or anything in the so-called "scene". But I have word to tell you - it is not just in the scene we see this problem. Research has proven it is in our chat rooms, gay churches, gay community events, and so-on.

People in Houston say Dallas has got Dallitude, people in Dallas say Houston is bitchy and pretentious. That is just one example of the awful attitude and hate we see these days. Why not try and love each other more and open up to the fact we are a family of lovers instead of enemies.

Why is there so much hate? Why not more love?

We are all pounded in the real world about how its bad to be gay and so looked down on in Baptists churches, George Bush, etc that maybe its hurting us mentally and we start to try to find the bad in others we should be more family with. Our gay community is our family and we should charish it or get completely out of it.

There is even so many people now you see in chat rooms that say MASC acting or str8 acting and that they are not like the norm. But how can you be so not the norm if there is so many people in the personals that have the same exact things stated. We have started discriminating against ourselves and cannot seem to find a middle ground. Why should we expect not to be discriminated against if we discriminate within ourselves so much?

I always like to go out and dance and now the clubs are filled with social cliques and its just not fun to go out alone or with just one friend; You have to stand with all these arm-folded queens to have a good time and be bored all night just to stand and model.

We all need to look in the mirror at ourselves and find out how to be more secure with each other.

- Haley Carter