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Speakers who presented at the Proposition 8 protest in the beautiful downtown Houston. Notice the colorful flags for gay pride. Lawyers, Preachers, Proud Moms all come together to give gays the rights they deserve.

gay rights speakers

Here is a sign you do not normally see everyday in front of the Texas flag. Gay rights protesters in front of the states high flying flag. Gays were happy to see changes in the national government with Obama elected but sad in many states in Texas where gay marriage is banned.

texas gay rights

Media coverage of the city hall protest on November 15, 2008:

media coverage protest

First we had Womens rights. Then we had African Americans rights. Now we should realize its time to be treated fairly as humans and have gay rights. Yes, we can.

womens rights african american rights

Can we protect traditional marriage and ban straight divorce?

protect marriage

Foundation for Family and Marriage Equality helped bring together this great rally in front of they City Hall. Pictured are gay youth, black supporters, white, hispanic, all races and hundreds of people full of love.

black white youth supports gay

foundation for family and marriage equality