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Oklahoma Gay and Lesbian Events-Scene-Club News

Oklahoma City Gay Hot Spots:

Angles Club:  check out Angles new remodel.  They have the best Laser Lights in the SOUTHWEST US!  You dont have to wait until Splash in Austin to see an incredible light show when its in OKC!  Angles just emailed us awhile back and said they are now offering a new beer bust and will be putting more alcohol in their drinks!  What gay boy could turn that down!  Look for Angles to get voted the best OKC Str8 and Gay club for the .... time ( I lost count). Angles now features coin beer on fridays until 12am and normally a big party every other weekend. Make sure you get stamped with an Angles handstamp and get reduced admission to the Wreck Room next door.

UPDATE: Angles will host the Studio 54 themed party September 9, 2006.

Angles Update & Opinion:  Angles, the #1 club in Oklahoma City for several years, picked by the readers of the Oklahoma Gazette, recently closed its doors.  Angles will be open once a month with special parties and pageants.  We commend the owners of Angles for letting us have so many great years there and hope something great comes back out of it once again.  We for sure do not want to see Oklahoma City littered with a horrible club such as the Copa its not only embarrasing for Oklahoma City nightlife on a national scene but brings the gay effort in oklahoma take a step backwards. The people of Oklahoma City had a NY Style club and choose to go down to the Copa instead and listen to a music that puts gays down..hip hop. It is very sad to see Angles go, but something has to come to give OKC new life.

The Copa & The Habanna Inn Gay Resort: Dont miss the Gay Hotel in OKC and the Copa Nightclub inside it featuring a new cast of queens as the host on Tues and Sundays. Tues night is amateur strip night when the house is packed with boys to conquer the stage. Please someone tell the DJ to quit playing so much hip hop at a gay bar.

The Habanna Inn also features the Finish Line for country dancing home of the Bear Bowling parties and more...

The Wreck Room:  OKC's only place to party after 2am and its 16 to enter! Bring an Angles or Park handstamp and get in for reduced cover. Lots of Drag Queens mixed with bi-curious boys, but overall its a cool place to hang out after 2am.

The Wreck Room features DJ Desire and big names such as Dustin Skittles from Orlando, and drag performances from the well-known Miss. Rachael Erricks. The wreck room was home to old school dj's such as Tony Aco and DJ Desire.

Club Rox: Located at the Hollywood Hotel off 39th Expressway on the NW side of Oklahoma City. Whitney Paige from S4 (Dallas Station 4) performs on sundays.

Club Boom: This is the new location for Ginger Lamar on Tuesday nights for the all new Boxer & Briefs show.


The Star - 21 enter dance bar.

Majestic - the newest of Oklahoma Clubs is the Majestic Nightclub located at Boston and Bradley near 1st street (124 N. Boston). We checked out this club a few weeks ago and were scared at first cause we saw some Harleys outside but then some lesbian ran up to us and said that yes its a gay club so we came in and was pleasantly surprised. Majestic turned out to be a fun club and good sound system. Majestic plays mostly Top 40 mixes with the likes of Beyonce and Eminem but its a fun place to throw down and definately comparable to Concessions which used to be in Tulsa across from the Brink.

Renegades - a very small bar/club. Not sure how we got there we were drunk at that point but its not as nice as Majestic or The Star.

Gay Pride Week in Oklahoma City Lowdown: June 26-27

The annual gay pride block party will not be the weekend before this year instead all be put together in one as Angles hosts the T-Dance on the strip after the fabulous gay pride parade. Dont miss the party at Jeff Smiths (whose milkshake brings the boys to the yard) sponsored by the Copa and Club Rox who are donating kegs to the event on Saturday, June 26. For details email to subscribe to Floyds Newsletter for event information.

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