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Ginch Gonch – underwear review

ginch gonch underwear boyOr to give it its full title: Ginch Gonch Western Star Brief Underwear. And I have to admit this is the first time I have reviewed a piece of clothing without actually having tried it on so you will have to bear with me. I started with a search engine fiddle and found that I came up with a good on-line clothing store where the GG garments were for sale. Later, as you will see, I found the Ginch Gonch website too…

First of all some technical details: your actual Ginch Gonch underwear is a brief for men. It is (or they are) made in stretch cotton, they have a fly front for easy access during times of need and have an elasticised waistband. They are also have the logo on them, so anyone who is close enough to see it will know that you are wearing an original GG.

But are they the new CK? Will they replace Calvin as the top name in bottom wear or newer names such as Aussie Bum? To answer a few of these kind of questions I did some more internet trawling and viewed a few shopping sites to see if I could discover what the word on the street actually is. For a start I found one page that listed both GG and CK and Ginch Gonch was $7.00 more expensive in a comparable style. But that was only one style at one shop and I'm sure prices will vary from outlet to outlet. Moving over to a different on-line store I found a variety of GG styles:

We have a criss-crossed embroidered star design, low rise brief ($27.00), fly front as described above. This kind of reminded me of the old Y Fronts that people used to make fun of. Then there was the Ginch Gonch Western Star Jock Strap ($17.00). This came in a trendy, ‘cowboy style’ print and was again made of stretch cotton. The waistband is one and a quarter inches wide, the back straps are one inch and there is no bottom cover as you would expect from a jock strap. The Western Star Brief ($22.00) is slightly different to the low rise version but comes in the same print and with a contrasting trip. There’s also a back panel inspired by the ‘western style shirt yoke’ and has full bottom coverage. The message I am getting from these specifications is that GG is taking on a cowboy theme – in fact where I am looking describes the garments as ‘the perfect underwear choice for today’s urban, suburban or just plain rural cowboys.’ On this same site I also found GG sports briefs and trunks.

As for whether GG will replace Ck well, that’s’ up to you. Check out the full deal at where the complete range is available to view. The site links to the various stores that actually sell the garments so you can also buy some and try them for yourself. The site is new and still being put together but there are some very sexy boys on it to keep you amused while you browse around. There will soon be more photos and videos that you can view – all featuring the new look sexy underwear of course, there is a page of the GG models (yum!) with links to blogs where the undies are featured and there are also links to press releases and statements.

So I’m still not sure what I'm looking at here. A new line of underwear from the UK that’s fun and comfortable and modelled by sexy boys on a website that will soon also have vids and pics. Well, if it helps sell the product then why not?