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Parliment House in Orlando and Gay Fabulous Hotels in Orlando

Parliament House Orlando – For those that have never been to Orlando and have not got to experience Gay Days or a wonderful stay at the Parliament House you have missed out. Being a Texan its great to have DFW to travel places like Orlando and you have to see the Parliament house or sometimes referred to as the PHouse. They are busy all year with great parties including their annual Mardi Gras party, Gay Days concerts and foam parties, and the dancers from your favorite gay ALLBoy magazine "models" and where you will see twinks galore. If you are like me and like to just go to the Parliament house and party then go back to a more modern hotel room equipped with internet access and other luxury accommodations (we are such brats in Texas when we travel) then we recommend the Marriott Downtown Orlando which is directly across from TD Waterhouse Center where you can even walk across the street to a Concert of catch a Broadway Play if they happen to be in town and you carefully plan your traveling. This Downtown Marriott of Orlando is only a few miles from the world-known Parliament House and just off I-4 and Robinson Street. Book a stay at this Marriott.
Other hotels in the area we recommend are the Marriott Courtyard just off I-4 and Colonial behind a artistic 7-11. If you prefer a stay at a Disney hotel just keep in mind how far they are from the Parliament house and you probably do not want to risk drinking and driving that far. It normally takes around 20 minutes to get back and fourth to the Gay Days event at Disney