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Camp Willowswish held annually at Lake Murray

EVENT DATE 2008: September 6-10.

Willowswish is an event held every year at Lake Murray in Southern Oklahoma not far from Ardmore and the Oklahoma Texas state line. The annual event offers drag queen contests for Miss Willowswish and boxer contests for the hot boys to compete as well. Gay men and lesbians join together to make this event a blast every year with most of the people traveling from Texas or Oklahoma.

How do I find Camp Willowswish?

This event is located deep off the Group 3 Exit from 77S. If you are traveling from Texas: take I-35 until you get to (almost to Ardmore) US Highway 70 and go East on US highway 70 - to park headquarters 77 South. At this intersection you will see a "log cabin" type grocery store, take a right there and the road snakes around the lake. You will pass the cutoff for the marina, Buzzard's Roost, Ski Jump, Martin's Landing (where we take our showers), and the exit for Mom & Pop's Grocery. When you see the exit for group camp #3, take the Y in the road, and head down that road about 2 miles, and watch for "signs", (*another small American flag) or pink ribbons in the tree, cars parked on the road or in the grass, and follow the dirt road and turn right.

Need a boat for Willowswish?
Lake Murray offers boat rentals at the marina if you want a pontoon boat call 580-223-9339.
If you are looking for a ski boat or jet ski then call Watersports at 580-223-7185.

Things to pack for camping at Willowswish:
1. Tent
2. Inflatable Mattress
3. a few good flashlights
4. lots of vodka
5. cranberry juice, lots of water, food
6. paper towels, handy wet wipes
7. boys, boys, and boys

Pics of events at Willowswish can be found at under "willowswish". You may also find them at